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Intimacy of the house, cocooning trend, between softness and warmth!
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    Men's indoor clothing Christian Cane

    A wide choice of outfits for practical and comfortable men

    Discover on our page a selection of very masculine cuts and colours, in different sizes available and compositions (cotton and thermal material for winter).

    Pyjama with long, warm winter pants, matching bathrobe or dressing gown, classic or modern, everyone will find their style.

    Men's indoor clothing - Pyjamas

    A variety of pyjamas with a very sporty look, which you can wear at night or day as a interior suit, without looking neglected.

    Trendy colours: grey, red, dark blue or navy, on plain or striped fabric outfits, and shapes that perfectly match the sporty chic, or casual, spirit of current men's fashion.

    The visible topstitching on the shoulders or trouser pockets, buttons, the dimension for a tighter effect and other round collars are all details that give this selection a certain look. Finally, the fabric combinations (cotton and polyester blend) give hold and a resolutely modern look to these interior garments.

    Men's innerwear - Bathrobe and dressing gown

    Fleece polar is a material particularly appreciated for its ability to provide an immediate feeling of warmth and well-being.

    The men's bathrobe and dressing gown collection is particularly extensive. You will find long and short models, with cuts at the waist, below or above the knee depending on your comfort zone needs. Made of cotton and polyester, these bathrobes and dressing gowns are long-sleeved, with pockets, and are closed with a belt.

    >Many styles available: classic, modern or chic. Different shapes: kimono or with a shawl collar to cover the neck, with or without embroidery.

    Seasonal colours: grey, blue, red, black.... Colour combinations on the same piece give a look to these bathrobes and men's dressing gowns, as well as the reverse on the sleeves on some of our models.

    Men's outfit and jacket

    Ideal for home and away, this outfit, made up of long pants and a matching jacket, will go with you on days when you're at home, as well as for a quick little run outside your home. The 2 in 1 very practical for everyday use.

    Men's trousers and indoor jacket outfit has become very trendy in recent years, thanks to its look that is both modern and chic, and above all versatile. A casual style that pleases.

    The available sizes

    Men's models range from size 2 to size 8. A size guide is available on each product page. It includes the measurement of jacket, pants, neck, chest and waist sizes. You can't go wrong!

    The delivery of our products

    The shipment of your package is made the same day for an order placed before noon, Monday to Friday (product available). Delivery is included if your order exceeds 50.

    The composition of the men's interior outfits sold on our site, combines materials combining comfort and quality. Our selection of men's innerwear is carefully made, the fabrics are comfortable to wear, the cuts correspond to the sizes indicated in our size guide, so it is not necessary to plan a size above! Have a comfortable winter with our men's selection.

    Trendy lingerie for us men !

    At Christian Cane, the Men's Indoor Dress collection is also available with a selection of trendy and top-of-the-range underwear.

    Opt for the incomparable elegance of our underwear and boxer models in very trendy colours.

    We take care to make models with a tight fit, for optimal comfort and support. Because men are looking for underwear that is pleasant to wear.

    Our men's underwear comes in many colours, such as white, black, grey, beige and blue. Sober and timeless or more modern tones, which will perfectly match your wardrobe.

    For those who are looking for a touch of originality, we also have models with patterns such as: checks, stripes, or fancy prints.

    The cuts of our underwear and boxers are designed to adapt to your body shape, and provide a feeling of well-being throughout the day.

    >Some models are equipped with an elastic, wide and contrasting waistband, which gives an extra touch of originality to these shortys.

    Because we are committed to customer satisfaction, we are expanding our Men's Indoor Dress catalogue season after season, with fashionable and always state-of-the-art models.

    Christian Cane, no need to take the size above your usual choice, our items are perfectly cut and will fit you perfectly !


    Order your women's loungewear, quietly from home

    A wellness garment for an evening or weekend cocooning

    Christian Cane

    Women's indoor relaxation clothing

    A whole collection of interior clothing to please you

    Women's innerwear

    Women's innerwear : guaranteed softness effect, consisting of a top (sweatshirt, bra with straps, or sweater) and trousers or a jacket and trousers or briefs, available in women's sizes: XS S M L and XL large sizes (A size guide is available on each product sheet). In long sleeves, short sleeves, or sleeveless, plain or printed, with a very comfortable mesh, a casual or more dressed style, but which always follows the latest trends.

    Find also on our Christian Cane website a collection of vests and capes in very contemporary styles with a more or less flared collar according to the seasons. A wide choice of materials and cuts for these jackets: short, long, sporty, sexy, light or fleece, or with a hint of lace. Shapes: kimono, cardigan, blazer...

    Imagine yourself simply putting on your relaxing outfit or soft dressing gown after a nice relaxing bath


    Christian Cane, a French production

    An opening to the world : since 2009, we have been exporting part of our production to Europe and the rest of the world under the Pilus brand.

    Softness at the surface of the skin

    The women's loungewear is a perfect compromise between comfort and style! You can fully appreciate the fact that you can snuggle up in a soft and comfortable outfit in which you feel really good, while remaining elegant and feminine. Test and become adepts of indoor ready-to-wear by discovering our new collection adapted to all morphologies!

    Offer the entire CHRISTIAN CANE site with the gift card and make sure to please! Choose the amount you want, you can also cumulate gift cards to adjust your budget. The CHRISTIAN CANE gift card is sent free of charge by post or email. It is valid for 6 months, partially usable according to your desires and can be combined with the operations of the moment! Don't hesitate any longer, with CHRISTIAN CANE.COM, you are sure to please!

    The world of household linen, a quality range at the best price !

    A trendy selection for your home decoration

    Let yourself be carried away by an avalanche of new products in categories as diverse as duvets and pillows, duvet covers, fitted sheets, flat sheets and other accessories...

    Household linen - Duvet and pillow

    The duvet

    Microfibre duvets appreciated for their lightness and comfort. A complete range offering a weight (gr) of 300 and 400 gr, as well as different sizes:
    • Couette 140x200 cm, ideal for a children's bed set,
    • Couette 200x200 cm, ideal for an adult bed in 140 cm,
    • >Couette 260x240, ideal for a king size adult bed,

    Our duvets are made of 100% polyester, white in colour, with a stitching in waves.

    The pillow and bolster

    The choice of pillow is important to ensure a good night's sleep. You will find on our page a choice of pillows combining comfort and practicality.

    A set of 2 pillows, for adult bed, in microfibre of infinite softness and standard size: 60x60 cm. They are made of polyester only, which allows you to machine them at 40°C.

    The natural shape memory pillow, 50x70 cm. The particularity of this range of pillows lies in its ability to adapt naturally to all morphologies. It ensures you quality nights of sleep, with optimal support for your head. The little extra of the natural pillow: an envelope treated with aloe vera for calm and peaceful nights... This pillow, which combines comfort and firmness, is also available in size 60x60 cm.

    The bolster for a child's bed where 1 person reads. Made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, this bolster is available in a 90 cm size.

    The bolster for adult or pregnant woman bed. 160 cm long, its 100% cotton envelope is lined with hypoallergenic fibres with a weight of 500 gr.

    Duvet cover - Bed linen

    A magnificent watercolour of colours, sometimes soft or energetic, plain or dotted with trendy patterns, which will help you to refine your decoration! Whether you are looking for an original duvet cover or a more sober one, find the ideal set for your room among our many products.

    You will find on our website a quality cotton yarn household linen, easy to maintain. All our covers are available in 3-piece matching bed linen, composed of: a duvet cover and a set of 2 pillowcases.

    Different colours that blend perfectly with this year's trendy colours: burgundy red, pink, green, blue and various shades of grey on a white background.

    Sizes that fit your bedding

    • Duvet cover 200x200 cm with 2 pillowcases 63x63 cm,
    • > Duvet cover 220x240 cm with 2 pillowcases 63x63 cm,
    • Duvet cover 260x240 with 2 pillowcases 63x63 cm.
    Some of them have a very practical hand-slot for inserting the duvet.

    Discover our soft and warm flannel cotton duvet covers as well. The flannel is never cold, you don't feel like you're getting into an icy bed with this material. It is ideal to warm up the coldest on cold winter nights...

    Finally, the range of high-quality duvet covers, 100% combed cotton with 78 threads per cm2. The Percale set is available in several colours.

    The fitted sheet - Household linen

    Fitted sheet

    The vast majority of our fitted sheets are made in France. They are practical because they are easy to clean: white can be washed at 95° and colour at 60°. This 100% cotton sheet is made of 57 threads per m2 for more resistance, it does not lint and is resistant to deformation.

    A wide choice of colours, and sizes (small or large model) :

    A panel of more than 10 colours, and 6 sizes:

    • >Fitted sheet 80x200cm,
    • Fitted sheet 90x190 cm,
    • >Fitted sheet 140x190 cm,
    • Fitted sheet 140x200 cm, >Fitted sheet 160x200 cm,
    • Fitted sheet 180x200 cm,>Fitted sheet 180x200 cm,>>Fitted sheet 140x200 cm, Fitted sheet 140x200 cm, Discover also our special articulated bed parts, they are available in all the sizes mentioned above except in 80 and 90 widths.

    Flat sheet

    Also made in France, these quality sheets are made of 57 yarns of 100% cotton for a better resistance to time. They are available on our website in the following sizes:
    • Flat film 180x325 cm,
    • >Flat film 270x325 cm.

    Compose your sheet set according to your wishes !

    Cushions and plaids

    A universe of infinitely softness with soft cushions and silky blankets, which you will never want to do without! Plain or patterned, polar blankets will warmly wrap you up this winter when you relax on your sofa.


    Great products that will help to perfect the interior decoration of your home !

    The fashion is for storage baskets, they perfectly match the decor of your room, your bathroom and sometimes even your kitchen. Round or rectangular, with or without handles, sometimes lined with a cotton fabric, you will find on our website several sizes of baskets and baskets.

    The bedspread or boutis gives a finished look, both chic and elegant. It is one of those timeless classics that add a touch of style to your room. Available in several colours and in standard size 220x240 cm.

    The headboards are easily fixed with their legs, just install a bar on your wall, no more need to mount a bed! Practical and easy to install, they dress up your room with ease! In plain or patterned cotton, we offer you different trendy colours.

    On our website, you can compose your own set by choosing a sheet + duvet cover set. A wide choice of trendy household linen with an excellent price-quality ratio!

    Check out all our parts for duvets and pillows, fitted and flat sheets, duvet covers and accessories. A quick purchase from home, with the assurance of careful delivery and secure payment.

Showing 1 - 48 of 99 items
Showing 1 - 48 of 99 items
Intimacy of the house, cocooning trend, between softness and warmth!