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    Men's night shirt, men's comfort

    A modernised classic that is both elegant and comfortable

    These body-friendly t-shirts can be worn all year round, regardless of the season: under a jacket, sweater, shirt, or simply as a normal t-shirt. It lends itself to all your desires, and you have the choice between several colours. The cotton/elastane blend ensures a perfect fit, the fabric is soft, comfortable to wear.

    A pretty cut, adapted to the male morphology, this men's t-shirt is easy to maintain and really very comfortable. You are free to move freely, it is not used on the arms or torso. To choose your t-shirt, do not hesitate to consult our size guide, in order to make the right choice.

    Our plain men's t-shirts, short sleeved V-neck, can be worn at home during the day or at night, or outside under other clothing, or as a complement to a outfit with trousers or shorts when going out in the city. It is all at once, t-shirt, undershirt, or skin shirt depending on the names and how you want to use it.

    With the Christian Cane men's t-shirt range, you are elegant, even in a garment as simple as the t-shirt. As always, we focus on quality, choice of materials, astructured cut, in order to offer a garment that meets your expectations.

    < p>The history of the man's night shirt has evolved a lot since its appearance in the 19th century. It was then mainly worn, like an undergarment, under the work uniform by workers from the working class in the United States. The men's night shirt was appreciated for its ease of maintenance, which is why the U.S. Navy, as well as the rest of the army corps, have included it in their soldiers' toolbox. This has largely contributed to its popularity. Who could have predicted then that this simple cut, with a round neck and short sleeves, would produce a small revolution in men's fashion! Whether it's a man's nightwear or a daytime t-shirt, this underwear has succeeded in establishing itself all over the world.

    Men's night shirt, the origin of the name

    < >Although it seems logical, the name of the t-shirt simply comes from its shape. Because, if you put a man's night shirt on your bed, the shape of the bust and sleeves actually look like a t. It didn't take much for this terribly popular underwear to have its name come up, the t-shirt.

    Tee-shirt means T-shirt

    But have you noticed how the sailor's outfit that French sailors wore as early as 1858 (i.e. long before Americans adopted the wearing of a man's night or daytime t-shirt) strangely reminded me of this famous t-shirt? From there to say that the invention was first of all French, there is only one step that is very easy to take!

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  • SLIP

    The Christian Cane men's underwear collection

    Comfort and quality

    > The little story of the slip

    Its history is rather recent, indeed, the briefs as we know them today, made their first appearance at the beginning of the 20th century. In the past, men wore a long shirt that looked more like a sweater, which they slipped into their pants. Which, by the way, is not very practical...

    The slip (which comes from the English verb to slip: slip), is first of all created for athletes, we find the trace in a Manufrance catalogue dating back to 1906. These are briefs designed for athletes.

    Petit Bateau presents the legless briefs, which were not yet called the briefs, in 1918, but it was the Jil company that offered the first kangaroo briefs and at the same time took credit for them a few years later. The two companies were established in the same city of Troyes.

    The French army, as early as 1958, decided in favour of wearing briefs, which were considered much more comfortable and less embarrassing for soldiers' movements to the detriment of good old underwear.

    Our range of underwe

    Cotton, cotton and polyester briefs, viscose briefs, our range offers a wide choice of materials, colours and printed patterns to satisfy all our customers. The emphasis is of course on quality and comfort, both in the choice of materials, as well as in the particularly careful finishing, as well as the work of cuts which has all its importance if we want to obtain an impeccable product.

    Modern or classic cuts and colours, whatever the case may be, the briefs remain in the spirit of the times and are renewed according to fashion.

    The plus of our underwear range

    In order for Christian Cane underwear to provide you with all the comfort you are entitled to expect, here are some criteria that you will find throughout our range for men:

    • an invisible elasticated belt for a better support of your underwear, in order to improve your freedom of movement,
    • a cut designed to fit your shapes,
    • comfortable cuts adapted to all morphologies,
    • materials that offer a real well-being, more or less flexible,
    • >an easy care,

    A real feeling of comfort whatever your activity.

    Pants for all generations...

    Whatever its age, we will inevitably find a pattern, a color, which suits us in this new collection...

    Plain or striped briefs, with trendy patterns, or 3 bands at the belt level which immediately gives a very sporty look, the choice is vast...

    Blue, grey, white, black..., choose what you like, and opt for everyday comfort...



    Boxer, the essential and essential form of men's underwear. A shape and mayères pleasant to the skin all day long, its cuts on the sides and back perfectly follow the curves and highlight them. The Boxers Cane reflect our chic, elegant and comfortable collections



    The Christian Cane

    shorty collection

    Modern and comfortable style

    Whatever your style, whether classic, urban, or chic, you will find in our range of shortys the one or ones that suit you, thanks to a wide choice of colours and patterns, that will satisfy all your expectations. We are always on the lookout for the latest trends in order to constantly renew our range and thus meet your expectations.

    Our range of men's shortys

    The shorty is very trendy, slightly shorter than the boxer, it pleases both the most classic and the most modern of our customers.

    The plus of our men's shortys

    • >a stylish and refined cut,
    • >high-quality fabrics to offer you underwear with a longer life span,
    • >an elasticated waist over a width of 2 cm for a perfect fit, but which is totally hidden and perfectly invisible to the naked eye,
    • a gusset cut for more comfort,>the absence of stitching on the sides for even more comfort on a daily basis.
    Our men's striped shortys

    Our men's striped shortys

    >Chic and elegant, the colors of these shortys are very trendy.

    Our men's shortys united

    We offer, of course, a model with more classic materials in these plain colours, with a cotton and elastane blend that has long proven its effectiveness in terms of comfort and durability.

    Elegant, discreet colours, including different shades of grey, white men's shortys... Make your choice.

    The products offered on our site are designed to adapt to all body types. Manufactured with quality materials, special care is taken in the design and cutting of each of the parts proposed on this page. Test the Christian cane quality today!

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Showing 1 - 27 of 27 items