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    Homewear luxury woman

    At home, both women and men like to wear casual, pleasant and comfortable clothes. Christian Cane has therefore specially designed luxury collections, including all kinds of homewear for women: babydolls, nightgowns, pyjamas, dressing gowns and many more....

    Comfort and femininity at home

    During long cold weekends, sometimes rainy and sometimes snowy, or on winter evenings, the idea of staying home seduces many people. We then take the opportunity to recharge our batteries, decompress long and hard weeks of work and nestle in a few grams of pure sweetness.

    Homewear parts for the night

    Women's homewear parts are specifically designed to provide lasting comfort for their owners. Pajamas, essential classics, are among the most popular homewear pieces. Luxurious, chic and cocooning, the pyjamas offer a feeling of well-being and optimal comfort without putting fashion aside. There is also the nightie, the timeless summer clothing and evening wear for two, which will also please those who like to sleep and lounge without being too covered. The nightgown offers a little more warmth, because it covers the body more, and can be adapted as well to warm summer nights for the most chilly, as to cold winter nights. These two pieces go very well with a dressing gown. Soft and warm, the dressing gown can be worn as soon as you get out of the bath or bed.

    Interior clothing

    In addition to nightwear, luxury homewear pieces also correspond to interior jackets. Ideal for staying with a book by the fire or working on a computer while being comfortably covered. They give a lot of style, and go perfectly with interior outfits, when a small layer of extra clothing is appreciated...

    Interior clothing is elegant, chic and above all very pleasant to wear. These clothes are intended for all women who love fashion and want to be well dressed, even in the privacy of their homes. These outfits allow you to stay at home while remaining feminine, beautiful, and comfortable in all circumstances. They are essential parts of homewear.

    Christian Cane interior outfits

    For all women who want to have homewear that is fashionable, made of luxurious and delicate materials, Christian Cane has dedicated a new collection.

    From dressing gowns to pyjamas

    Christian Cane does not forget any homewear and offers all the classics on his website: pyjamas, babydolls, dressing gowns, nightgowns... All these elements are offered in quality materials, sublime and delicate to wear.

    The collections are available in several elegant and modern colours: beige, white, grey, pale pink... Some rooms also have very fashionable chic prints. The shades are obviously selected according to annual, and seasonal trends, which will appeal to the greatest number of people. Each of the pieces offered in the shop is available in several sizes: from XS to XL. They are therefore suitable for all female morphologies.

    A homewear outfit: an ideal gift

    Our shop is the ideal place to find the next gift for someone you love. The homewear collections are ideal for women of all ages, looking for feminine outfits, and comfortable to wear at home. Far from being neglected, a chic interior outfit is always a sure value when you want to offer it or have fun.

    Christian Cane

    The Premium Men's Interior Clothing Collection

    Elegance, sobriety, and comfort

    The premium men's collection is a set of nightgowns, interior jackets, accessories, pyjamas, bathrobes, and very well cut, casual but perfectly finished interior outfits.

    A wide choice for all seasons, tastes and shapes, but always with a particular emphasis on the quality of the fabrics and their manufacture.

    Our men's pajamas

    Pyjamas chics short or long, depending on the season, and your comfort habits, they are made with very noble materials such as silk, or more classic materials such as cotton. Round collar, Tunisian collar, stretch cotton, flannel, cotton jersey, or printed cotton, the common point of all our pyjamas is above all comfort.

    Men's bathrobes

    Long-sleeved chamber dresses, our collection of kimono bathrobes for men, offers a wide choice of colours, materials, and lengths, and their finish is impeccable. You will find the comfort you need in these men's bathrobes.

    Men's nightgown

    La men's nightgown has made its comeback in recent years on the podiums. Praised by men for her comfort, and a feeling of total freedom thanks to the total absence of elastic at the waist, she has made many emulators with stripes or printed.

    Men's interior jacket

    This garment has become an essential accessory for men's wardrobes: practical, modern, comfortable, and easy to maintain, the men's inner jacket has simply everything to please...

    Men's accessories

    Discover the accessories at your disposal on our website that will help you perfect your interior outfit: underwear, toiletries or matching slippers, for a chic and trendy look.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 137 items
Trendy and comfortable premium privacy!