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    Intimacy of the night, stay in a soft comfort!
    • PYJAMAS.

      Men's pyjamas, nightwear, long or short pyjamas

      From the most tender to the most vivid colours, from classic shapes to the most original, from light fabrics such as linen to warm pilou pilou, the Christian Cane Design team has created a complete range of pyjamas to satisfy modern men, chic men, sports men, classic men, fashion men, all men, all shapes and budgets. A wide choice of comfortable and elegant pyjamas, with cuts designed for your well-being, with irreproachable quality to accompany all your nights.



      The pajamas jacket man Christian Cane

      Nightwear has become very trendy again in recent years. Once reserved for older men, nightwear has been given a new look, adapting to men's expectations and needs. The pyjavest for men is one of those trendy accessories that are very much in demand by men. Discover our collection of pyjavests, very comfortable, made of flannel or cotton, which will accompany you at night or on cocooning days. They can be worn with short pajamas as well as long pajamas or even without anything else but your pajamas, it's up to you!

      Our men's pyjavests

      Man's pyjaveste cotton Flanders

      This men's night jacket is made of very soft cotton flannel and is particularly pleasant on the skin. Flannel is a fabric that, in addition to comfort, provides a quick feeling of warmth, so it is ideal during cool seasons or for those who are cold!

      The blue flannel pyjavest has long sleeves and closes with 6 buttons and a matching belt. A very nice finish with an elegant shirt collar, 3 pockets with a white topstitching that you will find on the sleeves and collar.

      The Gabriel Christian Cane cotton pyjavest

      The Gabriel night jacket is very light. Made of cotton poplin with a chevron effect, it is very comfortable and can be worn in all seasons. Light blue in colour, it is entirely buttoned with 6 buttons and a tone-on-tone belt. The finish is as usual very neat, with a piping on the collar and a perfectly adjusted cut that will enhance your silhouette.

      This model is also available in grey, always in 100% cotton, for more comfort.

      Le pyjaveste homme coton Nathan

      A particularly elegant Christian Cane pyjavest with stripes in shades of blue and grey. With its long sleeves and impeccable finish, this Christian Cane blue buttoned pyjavest on the front is the ultimate in French charm and distinction. An inverted stripe is used to distinguish the pockets and bottom of the sleeves of the pyjavest. Be distinguished in all circumstances with the Nathan pyjavest! We pay a lot of attention to the quality of our sleepwear. It is therefore not necessary to order a larger size. A guide to the sizes and care of your clothes is available on each of our product pages. In order to satisfy all our customers, we offer a wide range of sizes from S to 4XL. We are specialized in interior and nightwear, which pushes us to be very attentive to comfort, choice of colours and materials. It is the same with the cutting and tailoring of our entire collection.

      You will find many items to buy on our online site, not only men's pajamas, but also women's and men's sweaters, shirts, pyjamas and many other clothing for men.

    • JACKET

      Two models at your disposal:

      A bathrobe style jacket with long sleeves, classic and elegant. The grey brown shawl collar gives a very fashionable touch to this interior jacket. Made of very soft polyester, it closes with a belt tied at the waist.

      A jacket with a sportier style, straight, long-sleeved, and that you can close with a zip up to the top of the collar, to keep you warm. Very trendy grey colour, it accompanies you throughout your cocooning days.

      Quick purchase men's indoor jacket

      The models offered on our site are cut in such a way that you feel comfortably wrapped in your indoor clothes. It is therefore not necessary to take a size above. Feel free to consult the size guide, on each of the product pages, to get more information.

      The purchase of clothing on our site is easy, payment is secure and delivery is fast. Discover our collection of men's clothing in its entirety: nightwear (cotton flannel pyjamas, dressing gown, bathrobe...), but also men's indoor clothing, as well as household linen. A world dedicated to comfort and well-being.

      The men's interior jacket: an elegant piece in all simplicity

      The men's inner jacket is a resolutely trendy garment, to be worn in all seasons.

      It is a must-have piece, which every man should have in his wardrobe since it makes it possible to complete pyjamas very subtly, with a hint of elegance and style.

      Example of scenario: someone rings the doorbell unexpectedly, while you were planning to spend the weekend strolling around your house in your pajamas... All you have to do is put on your jacket, to welcome your visitor in all simplicity while remaining elegant and chic. In a concrete way, the interior jacket really brings extra comfort to your interior outfits. While the softness and warmth of the fleece are ideal in winter, the cotton models are perfect for summer. The men's inner jacket can also be worn at the bathroom exit.

      Be at the forefront of men's fashion, with the men's inner jacket

      The interior jacket could be compared to the jacket of a suit, without it your outfit might be incomplete. To be stylish with an interior jacket, it is important to choose it in adequacy with your existing interior wardrobe clothes (pyjamas, sweaters, and other nightgowns)... In Christian Cane, we pay the greatest attention to create trendy models, but which are also timeless pieces, capable of becoming the basics of your dressing. This way, the men's interior jacket you order today will always be trendy tomorrow.

      The Christian Cane men's dressing gown

      Men's dressing gown, bathrobe and kimono

      Men's dressing gown is a trendy accessory. It dresses man in an elegant way, while keeping its original function: comfort. Gentlemen, discover all our men's bathrobe and dressing gown models in fleece, cotton and polyester. Many...

      The Christian Cane men's dressing gown

      Men's dressing gown, bathrobe and kimono

      Men's dressing gown is a trendy accessory. It dresses man in an elegant way, while keeping its original function: comfort. Gentlemen, discover all our men's bathrobe and dressing gown models in fleece, cotton and polyester. Many colours, patterns and lengths are at your disposal, to warm up your winter evenings or spend a cocooning day at home...

      Our range of men's dressing gowns


      We offer a wide range of men's dressing gowns from size 2 to size 8.
      • Size 2 corresponds to size S or 37/38,
      • Size 8 corresponds to size 4XL or 49/50 larger.
      All our models are available in each of these sizes, in order to satisfy all our customers. A size guide is also available on each of the product sheets. You can then buy the dressing gown that suits your stature, by checking your measurements: neck, chest and waist. And, if you wish, take a look at the assortments available on our website (jackets, trousers), in order to order the pyjamas that match your dressing gown or bathrobe.


      You will find timeless colours such as grey, navy blue, black, anthracite, red, but also more modern colours such as turquoise or burgundy. Plain, with patterns, silkscreens or stripes.


      The fleece

      Warm and comfortable, it is ideal for winter. This material has already attracted many enthusiasts! The shawl collar is perfect to cover the neck of the most chilly, as is the long cut below the knee, covering most of the body.


      This material can be worn in all seasons. Our catalogue includes both long and short models with V-necks or shawls. We also offer you in this material, the essential honeycomb embossed, a comfort in all lightness...

      Polyester / cotton blend

      Soft and light, but with a very good fit, thanks to a cut perfectly adapted to the male morphology. The ultimate in comfort after a shower.

      The Kyo men's kimono is made of corduroy, hemmed in white, with a V-neck and long sleeves.

      A perfect finish

      All our bathrobes, dressing gowns, kimonos are comfortable and flexible, because they are made with quality fabrics. We attach great importance to the manufacture of each of our products, in order to offer you models of beautiful invoices.

      Discover from now on all our dressing gowns, kimonos, and indoor bathrobes to wear : from the morning when you wake up, on the weekend, during a peaceful evening at home, or even after the shower... Our indoor clothing is made with care, to offer you well-being and comfort at all times of the day. A complete collection, with modern or classic models, in line with the codes of current men's fashion.

      The Christian Cane brand focuses on durability, quality, cuts identified according to morphology, for an ideal daily comfort.

      The men's dressing gown

      Le luxe au masculin

      Once forgotten sometimes, but when it was invented, the dressing gown was a luxury interior garment, very popular with men.

      In the past, it was very richly decorated, and allowed its owner to be elegant while staying at home, and this, in any occasion.

      It is in this continuity that we wanted to create our own range of dressing gowns for men.Nowadays, sobriety is obviously essential, and at Christian Cane, our designers have made it a point of honour to design neat dressing gown models that largely honour their past ancestors, while borrowing today's fashion codes.

      Models for all tastes and always refined.

      The elegance of a dressing gown lies in its design and fit. Indeed, the wallet-style closure, like the enhancement of the collars, brings a very attractive look to dressing gowns, and a lot of class to the male silhouette.

      Some tips to help you make your choice from our wide range

      For your purchase to be successful, it is important to know how to choose the model that will suit you best. To help you in your choice, here are some fashion tips: Dark colours, such as black or navy blue, as well as vertical lines refine and flatter the silhouette.If you are rather small in size, prefer a short dressing gown, you will look even slimmer.Choose the material of your dressing gown according to the season. Feel free to consult our range of men's dressing gowns, a wide choice of colours, cuts and materials await you!

      Men's nightwear, men's comfort

      Although fashion often varies, a garment forgotten yesterday suddenly becomes very trendy again after a few decades of sometimes unwarranted sulking...

      This is the case of the men's liquette ! This nightwear, or interior garment, has come back to the forefront thanks to an unstoppable argument: comfort. Today's men like to be trendy, but don't want to leave their comfort aside.

      Liquette of my days or pyjama shirt of my nights...

      This long shirt, also known as a night shirt, has many advantages. It is made of very comfortable materials (cotton flannel or 100% cotton).

      The flannel warms you up in winter and the cotton is very comfortable to wear when it is warmer. Very comfortable due to its straight cut, there are no pants that tighten your waist. Its length at knee level does not interfere with your night or your steps when you are awake. It can be worn at night, instead of classic pyjamas, or during the day as an interior shirt.

      What is flannel?

      This word originates from Wales and means wool, because flannel was once made exclusively from wool. Nowadays, the flannel has been modernized for more convenience, it is made of cotton easier to care for. There is therefore no particular precaution to take when going through the machine, unlike wool.

      S Its felted appearance comes from the manufacturing process: the cotton is alternately crushed, beaten, crushed, pressed to give it this cotton flannel appearance. This treatment makes the fabric even softer and very comfortable to wear.

      Our collection of nightwear for men Christian Cane

      You will find on our website the whole universe of the men's shirt, with a wide choice of sizes and colours:

      • >Men's night cap from size 2 to size 8,
      • >Men's night cap plain, striped, checkered or screen printed,
      • Different colours in shades of grey and blue mixed with other colours,
      • In one piece or with a front closure by a series of buttons,
      • >With a classic or V-neck,
      • Our men's night shirt models are long sleeved.

      You can complete your purchase by choosing other items from our men's product lines: dressing gowns, lounge jackets and other nightwear or loungewear...

      Our website is very easy to use. It allows you to buy the clothes you want from home, in complete serenity and at your own pace. You will find for each product an information sheet concerning the composition as well as a complete description in the tab "to know more".

      All our products are manufactured with the greatest care, with quality raw materials and a confection resulting from our family know-how. The finished product is examined by a team of textile experts to ensure your complete satisfaction. Buying a Christian Cane garment is a guarantee of quality.

      >Longez in comfort and let yourself be tempted by the men's night sock !

      Men's nightgown

      Who said that nightgowns were only for women?

      At a time when fashion is constantly evolving, and bringing past trends up to date, the men's shirt has come back to the forefront to become, or rather become again, a timeless piece of the men's dressing room.

      Ideal for the arrival of good weather, the men's nightgown will allow you to spend pleasant nights, having neither too hot nor too cold.

      You will then see that it will quickly become your best ally to spend beautiful nights, and have sweet dreams.

      Style lesson with men's nightgown

      The Christian Cane brand has designed nightgowns in various styles for you, so that each man can find the right piece for him.
      • Style casual' with nightgowns like loose t-shirt.
      • >Style "classic" with shirt-style models, featuring the French collar and a lapel pocket.
      • Style "trendy" with printed patterned nightgowns.
      The nightgown thus becomes a real fashionable piece, to be worn before bed, but also to relax and stroll around your home.

      Freedom of movement, lightness, and comfort are the main assets of men's nightgown.

      To complete the look, feel free to take a look at the interior jackets and dressing gowns for men categories.


      Our range of underwear for men

      Discover a wide range of T-shirts, briefs, boxers, and shorties, specially designed for you men. Made of elastane cotton for optimum comfort and with particular care in the finishing touches to be at the top, whatever the situation. We offer a range that meets all your criteria: underwear adapted to the male morphology that adapts to the shapes of your body, comfortable materials, modern cuts and colours.

      Men's underwear

      Men's shorty

      The man boxer
    Showing 1 - 48 of 177 items
    Showing 1 - 48 of 177 items
    Intimacy of the night, stay in a soft comfort!